My Happy Place

After much consideration, I am making a career change. I will be leaving my current role as an instructional technology trainer and returning to the classroom as a 4th-grade teacher. I am beyond excited and feel re-energized as an educator. I am eager to see how my four years of experience as an instructional technology trainer will influence my teaching in the classroom.

This decision would not be possible without the following:

  1. AdvoCare –  AdvoCare has provided the confidence in supplemental income to take a paycut to go back to the classroom. The energy from AdvoCare Spark will also come in handy with a class full of 9 and 10 year olds!
  2. My husband – His support has been paramount. As he says, “The classroom is your happy place” so he has been behind this decision since the beginning.
  3. My family and friends – I have the best family and friends and their support and encouragement has been awesome.

If you would like to help the students of my future 4th grade class, here are a few different ways.

  1. Consider donating to my Donor’s Choose project as we Re-image the Classroom this year.
  2. Consider volunteering 30 minutes each week as a mentor for a student in my class. Please contact me if you are interested in mentoring an awesome 4th grader!
  3. Consider helping us fulfill our class wish list through Amazon.

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  1. I am so proud of you. The classroom is your happy place and that’s where you belong. Those kids are lucky to have you. Congratulations on your new path. You will be great.

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