How I got my confidence back

How do you feel when you walk into a room of strangers?  This is how I determine my self-confidence level.  There are a lot of factors that can determine self-confidence and I want to share with you what has worked for me, and how it can work for you!


A few years ago, I was going through the motions in a lot of areas of my life. It was though I was on autopilot, but the autopilot didn’t know where it was going… Ever feel like that, where your goals are as far out as your next paycheck?

I had the realization that I needed to make some changes in my life to be a better boyfriend, future husband and family man. I dedicated myself to work harder and developing positive habits. I focused on how to be positive and enjoy the moment, while looking ahead 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. Allowing adjustments and redirections to be corrections not failures. I was able to go from living paycheck to paycheck to eliminating debt and improving my credit score.

Having direction gives you confidence in how you carry yourself. Confidence you will need when saying no to a night out or saying yes to being able to purchase something big you saved up for… Being able to look beyond your next paycheck relieves stress and anxiety.

You can do it, too! Don’t wait for a wake-up call like I had – my only regret is not having the drive and direction I have now, years ago. If you are circling around on autopilot, let’s chat and see if we can help you find purpose.


In December of 2015, a photo showed up on my Facebook feed, that really got my attention.  I was FAT.

Yes, it doesn’t help that I am standing next to one of the skinnier friends I have, but still – I don’t think I noticed just how much I had gained. In the picture above, I weighed over 240 pounds.

In less than 8 months, I lost 50 pounds, and I have been able to keep them off. It wasn’t a fad diet or a radical change in life. I focused on smaller portions, healthy alternatives to sugar (energy drinks and sodas) and used supplements and multivitamins to fill in the gaps for complete nutrition. I feel amazing!

Below is a picture of me in November of 2016, weighing 190 pounds and still a Denver Broncos’ fan!

Since I have lost weight, I have gained confidence. I am not worried about what someone might be thinking across the room. I feel natural when presenting at work or sharing a story with friends, because I am not thinking about what I look like anymore. If you have had difficulty managing your weight, let’s chat and see if we can design a program that will help you attain your weight management goals.


I am convinced that the biggest motivators in our lives aren’t ourselves, our bosses, friends, or family – rather the one that we love more than anything. When I first met Mandy, I had no clue that this beautiful woman would eventually be my number one encourager, supporter, and best friend. She is the reason I was able to look outside of myself and see the mess I was truly in…

Yes, that was cheesy. Hear me out, now that I have love in my life – my confidence is always there. I know I have a beautiful wife to go home to regardless if I have a bad day at the office, or if I lose a soccer game, she will be there. There is different kind of confidence that comes from being with someone you love. While I won’t be a match maker for you, I can promise you that if you don’t have love yet, not to give up. The right one is there for you – somewhere.

What’s next?

We want to help you gain confidence! If you struggle with confidence because of a lack of direction, worried about finances, or not as healthy as you want to be – let us know. You will perform better at work, you’ll gain confidence with relationships, and you can also be an example to others that need help. We believe in you. You can do great things. Let’s turn off the auto-pilot going nowhere and give you direction, purpose and enjoyment that confidence brings.




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