3 Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle

We are working to intentionally focus on three pillars of a healthy lifestyle in 2018.


Meal prepping to have a well balanced healthy meal does not have to be time consuming and is essential for us to eat better. We spend the weekends chopping veggies, cooking meat and preparing meals which can easily be frozen and heated quickly. We have also found this helps us save money too!

It is difficult to get all of the nutrients you need just from food. Some people find taking supplements help get more vitamins and minerals in their diet.


Exercise can look different for everyone. It may be a walk around the office during lunch, a group fitness class or an hour lifting weights at the gym.  Most importantly, do what you love and what motivates you.


We live in a world which glorifies “busy.” A healthy lifestyle is not about being “busy” all the time. It’s about a balance which works for you. Take time to meditate, work in your yard or even watch a movie. Consider spending time with your children or family, read a book or taking a walk. Hit the pause button and spend time with those you enjoy being around.

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