Our Story

This story doesn’t begin in a bar, church or laundromat as so many other love stories. Rather, as we all know, true love is found on a kickball field. It was an autumn evening, the first time Mandy and M.G. met each other. Although their memories of the first meeting may differ, it did indeed happen. Luckily for M.G., there was a second chance as the kickball season was just getting started.

M.G. finally got the nerve to ask Mandy out for dinner after the 4th game of the season. Over dinner and a couple drinks, they got to know each other when sweat and dirt wasn’t on their faces. It was then, that the two realized they can laugh and share stories, be open and honest with nothing to hide, and just enjoy time together.

It wasn’t love at first sight, although the attraction was there. These seasoned veterans of the dating game knew all the plays, and they wouldn’t let the other easily win. While Mandy was visiting friends back home in Houston, she let M.G. know for the first time, that she liked him! It was as beautiful as game 7 of the World Series, or the win-by-the-nose of a Kentucky Derby and M.G. was the winner of the most prized championship of them all – love.

During three years of dating, there has been plenty of spontaneous road-trips, late night debates, or fun-filled nights out with friends. It was decided in March of 2016, that these two would take the next step and marry one another. People aren’t perfect, but Mandy and M.G. are perfect for one another.

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